Derek J. DiRisio is a writer, brother, and leader in Rochester, NY.

Photo and masthead by Daqwan Koenig

I believe in the power of storytelling. Born and raised in Rochester, NY, it's my mission to create meaning and facilitate human growth. Our subjective experience is the key to creating meaningful connection, healing our pasts, and moving toward the future.
I'm currently gaining experience in #menswork—the realm of healing and connection in which men support each other, hold each other accountable, and strive to become our best selves. I lead men's circles with Man UNcivilized and am seeking opportunities to further my practice as a coach. We view modern masculinity through a philosophical lens of duality, a dance between the Primal and the Divine.
Much of this portfolio exists to showcase my personal work and projects in photography, writing, and graphic art. I create under the personas Rochester Grimoire and Diriz. My first book, Dark Web Voices, is now available for free online: learn more here.
I'd love to hear from you—if you're interested in my services say hello at the Contact page! 👋🏼
Derek J. DiRisio