Our initial five members on our second meeting—left-to-right, Malik, Hayden, Jamie, Derek, and Jaime. December 2020.

I'm affiliated with Man UNcivilized, an organization led by Traver Boehm with intent to change the way one million men experience masculinity. I took the Man UNcivilized Leadership course in Fall 2020 with intent to lead my own men's circle directly afterward. Upon completion, my brother Jamie and I started UNcivilized Rochester, a brotherhood of men living intentionally and experiencing masculinity both Primal and Divine. The five of us have met consistently and biweekly since. Especially as some of us seek paths outside of Rochester, we're interested in having new men join us—contact me.

The Battery Pack of 10 guys meets weekly to, whoever can make it, to meditate, check-in, and ask for what we need for the week—an ear, insight, advice, etc.

I also lead a weekly online men's circle via Zoom video calls. In the spirit of duality and wolfpacks-instead-of-loneliness, we're named The Battery Pack and spend 90 minutes every Monday, checking in and supporting each other through the struggles of the week. We're all a part of a larger online community through Man UNcivilized, the UNcivilized Nation, which is built on the Mighty Networks social media platform.
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