Sought, Found, Lost is a collage I posted to Instagram in the summer of 2017. It's read from bottom-to-top, right-to-left.
Fully aware of time constraints, I was inspired early on to symmetrically visualize the rise, peak, and fall of a relationship as it organically grew. A 3x3 represented enamorment; a 3x1 triptych represented actualization, love, and vulnerability; and another 3x3 represented heartbreak. In conceptualizing the 3x7, I was playing with a tiny supercut of real time as it happened. This was an incredibly concentrated month of emotion.
This project restricted my use of social media for a month which was effective and cathartic, in a way. This was a one-time concept and I don't plan on depicting life or relationships in this way again.​​​​​​​
The captions which accompanied these posts were poetic first, then vulnerable and messy. I allowed myself to share each emotion and soliloquy as I worked through them to be a more authentic and transparent person.
PS: I was inspired by geomantic figures in laying out these triptychs. Using hexagons instead of diamonds, and filling in the blank space with squares, the completed form is an overlapping of Albus and Rubeus which are associated with Gemini and Scorpio, respectively. This was unintentional and chuckle-worthy.
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